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Coville Fabric Products
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Coville's Innovative Knit and Apparel Brands

Coville produces a number of its own brands and products that feature its proprietary fabric technologies and techniques.

Coville Authentic

Coville’s Authentic is the only brand of flame resistant tees and base layer apparel produced with innovative, comfortable, protective fabrics featuring PBI BaseGuard™ technology. This protectivewear fabric is perfectly suited for use whenever protection from heat and flash fire is needed. Applicable to fire service, wildland, EMS and police, Coville’s Authentic is the firefighter’s choice for unmatched lightweight and comfortable protection.

POLYGON® Technologies

POLYGON Technologies is one of Coville’s most innovative performance knit collections. Unlike most polyester performance fabrics, POLYGON fabrics are engineered to provide multiple benefits to the wearer all at once; including moisture management and odor-control for activewear, pill-resistant and wrinkle-free for sportswear, and UV-protection and unique soil-release properties for outdoor and work products.

strataTek Logo

Coville takes innovation in fabric development to a new level with its patented strataTek knitting technology from Alandale Knitting Company. This innovative knitting technology creates a platform for combining multiple fibers or yarns into a single, double-sided fabric. Benefits include the ability to design a fabric where each side maintains its own integrity to accomplish the needs of the user.  Combine fashion on the outside with performance on the inside. Print on one side and add color to the other.  The possibilities are limitless.

Coville’s Authentic and POLYGON are registered trademark of Coville, Inc.
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